Former NDP members arrested for “Camel and Horses “ attacks

March 14, 2011
The General Prosecution ordered the arrest of Abdel Nasser El Gabry and Ibrahim El Khatib, former NDP members, on charges of planning and financing attacks on protesters on the 2 February.
The General prosecution office received yesterday the fact-finding report on the events that proves that Safwat El Sherif, former Secretary General of the NDP, together with Aisha Abdel Hadi, former Minister of the Manpower and immigration, Hussein Megawer, former President of Egyptian Trade Union Federation and businessman Ibrahim Kamel were involved in the attacks.

Investigations with El Gabry and El Khatib lasted till late hours last night, where both have denied the charges against them, adding that they have only participated in peaceful pro-Mubarak protests and did not pay any money to thugs from Nazlet El Seman to attack the protestors in Tahrir.  They also denied any connections with the arrested 26 convicts that confirmed having received an amount up to LE300 from El Gabry before the attacks.
The general prosecution office is in the process of charging Safwat Al Sherif with the allegations against him, while Kamel, Abdel Hadi and Megawer have been questioned yesterday.  According to a source, Abdel Hadi stepped out of the investigation room in tears.

On another note, the prosecution ordered the arrest of 88 State Security officers accused destroying  documents, as per General Hassan Abdel Rahman, former State Security President’s instructions.  The General Prosecution also ordered investigations with 54 officers involved in protestors killing.